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The Tools

The Tools revolutionary and hugely empowering self help book written by by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels, two highly acclaimed Hollywood psychotherapists.

In this amazingly simple and effective psychological model, Stutz and Michels share their five ‘tools’ namely, The Reversal of Desire, Active Love, Inner Authority, The Grateful Flow and Jeopardy. They explain when and how to use the tools, to help you tap into a source of power within yourself in order to face and overcome whichever of life’s challenges (such as insecurity, trauma, anger, lack of will power, negativity or avoidance) have been holding you back and in the process, become the master of your life.

The blurb puts it nicely… “Astonishingly effective and beautifully simple – once you’ve learned a tool it takes only three to five seconds to use it – this book will give you everything you need to propel yourself forward to achieve your ambitions and be who you were born to be.”

Personal growth here we come!