clean eating

Sunday Prep-day

Someone once said, “Success comes when preparation meets opportunity”. I find this never more true than when it comes to eating well. Our modern consumer I-need-it-now driven lives do not set us up for success in the world of conscious, healthful living. Especially when you’re super hungry and need to eat.

Of the many tips I got from Dr. Frank Lipman’s book Revive, one of my favorites was the Sunday preparation of your very own salad bar to use for lunches for the week ahead. When I’m trying to eat clean, I find this is instrumental to success.

Finding places to buy lunch in the city that offer truly clean options – albeit this segment of the market is expanding – are relatively few and far between. At the same time, the thought of having to prep  yet another salad from scratch after a long day’s work can become tiresome. Your very own salad bar means you’ll only need to do it twice a week at most, as I find the Sunday prep lasts me through to Wednesday (or sometimes even Thursday, if I get my veg from the local farmer’s market). Once done, throwing together a salad is less than a two minute job.

I also find the tradition of spending Sunday’s in the kitchen preparing (washing, scrubbing, chopping, slicing, grating, roasting, etc) vegetables quite therapeutic. There’s something quite grounding knowing the act is an expression of care and appreciation for yourself, and the result is a bounty of wholesome food in order for you to nourish your beautiful bod!