Aiming to help those who suffer from constant exhaustion and improving overall wellness, in this book Dr. Lipman goes far beyond the title – covering everything from diet, clean living, supplementation, sleep and physical exercise to even the psychological aspects of health as well as meditation and restorative yoga. All designed to support and bring about balance back to our bodies, allowing us to feel less tired or ‘spent’ – as the book was originally called.

Having been diagnosed with chronic adrenal fatigue, this book made a monumental difference to my life. The third book I read following Clean and Clean Gut, just the supplementation alone Dr. Lipman covers in this book along with that suggested by Dr. Junger in the ‘Clean’ books set me on a path to attaining health I haven’t experienced in many years. The suggestions were so spot on in fact, that my Functional Medicine Practitioner whom I started seeing a month or so after reading the book couldn’t believe how well I’d diagnosed myself in terms of the supplementation I needed. Meanwhile, it was all thanks to the reading I’d done!

Hence why this book will always maintain a special spot on my ‘must read’ list, and one I feel very strongly about recommending not just to those who feel they may be suffering from similar symptoms, but to anyone who wants to attain better health.

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