app review


I am absolutely loving the iPhone and iPad app ‘Pocket’. So much so, that I had to do an app review for it here. It allows to you easily save articles, videos and all sorts of content to read and access later. You download the app to your iPhone, iPad and desktop PC or Mac, and all of your saved content goes to one place so you can view it anytime on any device. Even when you’re offline – genius!

This app has fulfilled a need I’ve had for ages. Often I’ll catch-up on emails, newsletters, blogs, etc from my phone while on the train and there will inevitably be articles or content that I’ll want to read or access later on my Mac or iPad at home. This clever little app simply saves the links to all that content in one place so you can access it whenever and from whichever device you want. I think this is what Apple tried to achieve with it’s ‘Reading List’ feature in Safari, but only proved effective if you were accessing content just from your desktop.

If you’re like me and access content on the web from various devices which you’d like to refer back to or access later, Pocket is the answer.