nutritious green veg

World’s Most Nutritious Green Veg?

A new study has ranked vegetables by a ‘Nutrient Density Score’ and guess who came out tops? And no, believe it or not it’s not Kale… it’s Watercress! Not surprisingly, the Top 10 most nutrient dense vegetables is made up entirely of leafy greens – as if you needed more reasons to up your green intake. Check out the table here.

The question is, how can I incorporate watercress into my diet?

Luckily for those of us living in England, watercress is available year round. Throwing it into your salad is the most obvious and simplest way. I also personally like sprinkling it into an omelette right near the end of cooking, as it gives a fab peppery kick. Soup is another way to get a decent volume of it in too – I like Hemsley & Hemsley’s Watercress Soup with Brazil Nut Cream recipe.

Also, how about in your morning smoothie? You could swap out your baby spinach or kale with fresh watercress instead to mix things up a bit. Give it a go with the Peaches & Green Protein Smoothie.