What does ‘Clean’ mean?

What does ‘Clean’ mean?

I have been a huge fan of James Duigan and his ‘Clean and Lean’ philosophy for years. I even have a signed copy of his first book, ‘Clean & Lean Diet’ and since 2010 I have preached to anyone who was willing to listen about the wisdom contained within this gem of a book. This was also my first encounter with the term ‘Clean’ and the concept of clean eating. James’ philosophy can be summed up as follows:

  • Toxins (sugar, alcohol, fizzy drinks, processed foods, excess caffeine) make you fat
  • Eating clean organic foods and removing toxins from your diet can help make you slim
  • Dieting is a waste of time

Why do toxins make us fat?

Your body stores toxins in your fat cells. When you diet your body slowly releases fat while at the same time toxins are released into your body, which is why you can feel so rubbish the first few days of starting a detox or cleaning up your diet. The problem many experience, is that during those first initial days your body decides it doesn’t like feeling like this. So instead of letting the toxins float around your system, it holds onto fat in order to store these toxins that are making you feel so awful in the first place. Clever, right? The problem is, you can end up getting trapped in a toxic cycle never ridding yourself of them, or the fat that goes with it. While your body is toxic, you will always struggle to lose fat – regardless of how much you exercise or how little you eat.

The Clean & Lean Fundamentals

For me, the requirements for a ‘clean & lean’ system come down to three fundamentals:

1. Eliminate toxins from your diet by cutting out the ‘CRAP’ (Caffeine, Refined Sugar, Alcohol and Processed Foods) while eating fresh, whole, organic produce filled with health-boosting minerals and vitamins.

2. Ensure sufficient consumption of water to ensure those released toxins are flushed from your system, preventing your body holding on to fat in order to store them.

3. Support your excretory system (your skin, liver and kidneys), which is responsible for removing toxic waste from your body.

At last! I had found a source of information on diet and nutrition that made complete sense. Clean eating sounded like the way forward.

Clean&Lean - bookcover

Adapted from James Duigan’s ‘Clean & Lean Diet’

For more information check out http://www.bodyism.com/