clean living

A Clean Way of Life

It was at the beginning of this year that my ‘clean living’ journey began. Diet and nutrition had always been an interests of mine, but it wasn’t until I came across Alejandro Junger’s book ‘Clean’ that I realised how far reaching the impacts of what we eat, actually are.

‘Clean’ had been on my Amazon wish list for some time since reading Gwyneth’s rave reviews about the book on her own blog. However, it was when I was searching for answers to some of my own specific health related questions that I decided to bite the bullet and finally read what Dr. Junger had to say. Little did I know at the time, that that was to be the first step I would take on an incredibly fascinating journey of discovery of what it means to be truly well.

The benefits of ‘clean living’ conveyed in the book were too appealing not to take onboard. Read the book to find out what I’m talking about.


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